Eric Till (b. 1929) is a veteran film and television director. For Jim Henson, Till directed several episodes of Fraggle Rock, beginning in the second season, including the final episode. He also helmed three television specials.

Eric Till began his career in England, directing for the BBC, before migrating to Canada in the 1970s. His feature credits included the 1968 caper film Hot Millions (starring Peter Ustinov, Bob Newhart, and Robert Morley), All Things Bright and Beautiful (based on the James Herriott novels), Oh, What a Night (with Corey Haim and Robbie Coltrane), the Red Green movie Duct Tape Forever, and the 2003 religious bio-pic Luther (again with Ustinov). In television, Till directed episodes of The Forest Rangers, the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone, F/X: The Series, and The Hitchhiker, as well as several TV movies, including An American Christmas Carol (with Henry Winkler and Gerry Parkes).

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