Erich Ebert (1922-2000) was a German voice actor who dubbed guest star Charles Aznavour and one-shot Muppet characters on Die Muppet Show. He also voiced the El Sleazo waiter in the German dub of The Muppet Movie.

Ebert was active in German film dubbing from the 1950s onward, often in the ZDF and ARD TV dubs of older Hollywood movies. He dubbed frequent Laurel and Hardy foil Charlie Hall, Italian comedian Franco Franchi, Humphrey Bogart in Black Legion, John McEnery in Amok, and a variety of roles in the Charlie Chan movies (from William Demarest as a police sergeant to a talking parrot).

Ebert was heard on the German children's series Kli-Kla-Klawitter, supplying narration and voicing an assortment of finger puppets in story segments, as well as the puppet clown Augustin. For dubbed cartoons (often directed by Eberhard Storeck), he voiced Daffy Duck, the Inspector and Crazylegs Crane on The Pink Panther Show, guest characters on Vicki the Viking, and speaking parts in Tom and Jerry shorts. TV dub roles included Ray Walston on My Favorite Martian and Herbert Anderson on Dennis the Menace.

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