Written by Jean-François Ferrané
Illustrator Rémi Peltzer
Published 1978
Publisher Mengès
ISBN 2856200575

Ernest ne veut pas partager + Bart multiplie sans compter (Ernie does not want to share + Bert multiplies without counting) is a 1978 1, Rue Sésame book about divisions and multiplications.


Ernest ne veut pas partager: Ernie shares a cake with Bert. Grover, Count von Count, Betty Lou and Herry enter one by one, wanting their share. Ernie keeps cutting the cake into smaller slices, until he decides that enough is enough. Each friend eventually ends up with one slice, while Bert and Ernie each have four slices for themselves.
Bart multiplie sans compter: Bert shows Ernie that multiplication tables are an easy way to figure out how many ears and fingers they have together, and how many fingers you need to scratch multiple dogs behind their ears.

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