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PERFORMER David Rudman
DEBUT 1985
PATTERN Pumpkin Orange

On the cover of a March 1999 issue of Sesame Street Magazine.

Ernestine is Ernie's baby cousin, who occasionally appeared with Ernie in Sesame Street inserts. In her debut sketch, Ernie described the differences between them, but it was revealed that they share the same laugh (First: Episode 2053). In a later skit, Ernie tried to get Ernestine to say his name, which she failed to do, instead blurting out "Bert!" (First: Episode 2586)

She appeared in a couple of street scenes away from her cousin in season 19, including Episode 2465 (where Olivia sings "Taking a Picture" to her) and 2470.

Ernestine also appeared in the frame scenes for the home video The Best of Ernie and Bert and in various scenes in the second season of Play with Me Sesame. She made a minor vocal cameo in the "Families" episode of The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends. She also appeared in a scene exclusively for Sesamstraat, remaking her debut sketch.[1]

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