2005 reissue

Ernie's Adventures in Space 2000

Ernie's Adventures in Space 2000


Ernie's Adventures in Space is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for home computers. The game was developed by The Learning Company in 2000 and re-released by Encore Software and Sesame Workshop in 2005. Ernie is the user's guide on an exploration of space and the stars. Bert, Cookie Monster, Zoe, "Astro" Grover, Count von Count, and Oscar the Grouch also appear. The game teaches skills such as critical thinking and problem solving using 5 activities and 2 skill levels.


  • Investigate UFO's with Ernie.
  • Find Bert's lost bottle caps.
  • Help Zoe find the original amongst clones made by Zo-bot.
  • Place pictures in the right order to make constellations.
  • Figure out the special of the day with Grover.
  • Help The Count launch his rocket.