Picture Name Production Notes
Birdketeer Ernie Sesame Street In Episode 3873, Ernie and Rubber Duckie join the Birdketeers and wear their own uniforms.

Caveman Ernie Sesame Street As a caveman from the recurring Caveperson Days sketch.
Love Boat Ernest.jpg
Ernest, a cruise ship captain. Sesame Street He loves this boat.
Explorer Ernie "Imagine That" Ernie imagines as a brave explorer who attempts to sail across the stormy sea until he finds land.
John Adams Sesame Street Ernie plays the founding father, and proponent of eagles in "The American Revolution".
Little Bo Peep's sheep Journey to Ernie A sheepish disguise, to hide from Big Bird.
Ernie Riding Hood beard.jpg
Little Red Riding Hood (and pirate) Sesame Street Ernie poses as a pirate, and then forgets to remove his beard when he dresses as Little Red in a 1978 sketch.
Officer Ernie Sesame Street Ernie is a police officer for Hill Street Twos.
Ernie as Old King Cole.jpg
Old King Cole Sesame Street Ernie, as Old King Cole.
Prince Ernie Letters.png
Prince Ernie Letters (computer game) Ernie plays a prince in one of the stories.
Ernie as Robin Hood.jpg
Robin Hood Sesame Street Ernie, as Robin Hood, auditions for Merry Men.
Sir Ernie "Imagine That" Ernie imagines as a knight in shining armor who stops a dragon from terrorizing the kingdom.
Ernie superman.jpg
Super Ernie Merchandise From Sesame Street merchandise.
Ernie as a Twiddlebug Sesame Street Halloween card Ernie dresses up as a Twiddlebug to go trick-or-treating.
Ernie as Tweedle Dum Abby in Wonderland Ernie plays Tweedle Dum in Abby Cadabby's dream.
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