Ernie's Quiz is a Sesame Street video game produced by the Children's Computer Workshop for the Apple operating system and Atari in 1982. The game consists of four mini-games: Guess Who, Jelly Beans, Face-It and Ernie's Quiz.

Menu and characters

Guess Who

In Guess Who, players see a pixelated image of one of the characters slowly emerging. The player types the name of the character in order to reveal the whole picture.

Jelly Beans

In Jelly Beans, players count the number of jelly beans in a jar. When the player gives the correct answer, a picture of Cookie Monster is displayed, eating the jelly beans.


In Face-It, players create an Anything Muppet face by choosing body parts.

Ernie's Quiz

In Ernie's Quiz, the player is given clues, and guesses which character Ernie is describing.

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