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"Ernie & Bert Show" is a recurring segment on Sesamstrasse, debuting on October 7, 2007.

In these unique German skits, Ernie (puppeteered and voiced by Martin Paas) and Bert (Carsten Morar-Haffke) appear in a game show, with Bert as host and Ernie as contestant.

Also featured is the human reporter Norbert Neugier (played by German comedian Otto Waalkes) who supplies the questions, such as "What has long ears and can hop?" or "What do you have on your head that grows and has to be cut?" Much to Bert's chagrin, Ernie frequently goes through elaborate measures to find the correct answer.

Thirteen segments were produced for use in the 2007 Sesamstrasse season.

Picture Episode Description
2399 The question is "What has an engine and can drive?"

Ernie consults Rubber Duckie for advice. He then brings in his bathtub, claiming that is the answer. When Bert claims that is the wrong answer, he goes on to prove that his bath tub has an engine and can drive.

2402 The question is "What do you have on the head, it grows and you can cut it".
Ernie's first answer is a cactus since it grows. He rethinks it and then concludes it has to be chives, it grows and you cut it. Bert tells him that's correct but you don't have chives on your head. Ernie then puts it on Bert's head, to prove him wrong.
2405 Ernie tries to prove to Bert that you are able to improve your sight by looking through a magnifying glass.
2406 The question is "What has feathers and can fly?"

Ernie first replies it is a pillow since it has feathers. His second answer is an Indian, but Bert tells him even though Indians have feathers on their head they can't fly. Ernie disagrees with him, so he hands Bert his Indian headdress and two sets of balloons which eventually lift Bert off his feet.

2408 The question is "What swims in the water that you can catch with a rod?"

Ernie finds a rod and wants to test what he can catch with it. First he catches a telephone. During his second attempt he catches one of the studio lights, and it falls down on Bert. While Ernie tries a third time, Bert tells him that the correct answer is a fish. However, Ernie disagrees as usual since his experiment brought different results. On his third attempt Ernie catches Rubber Duckie, and since it swims in the water, that would have to be the correct answer.

2409 Ernie tries to answer a tricky question from the animal kingdom, that involves a rabbit.
2410 The question is "it's round, you put it on the head and it cools you in the heat"
First Ernie says that it has to be a drum because it's round. The second item Ernie thinks it is an a umbrella. Then Ernie gets a idea and claims that the item they are looking for is a fan. Bert tells him that he is wrong again, because you can't have a fan on your head. Ernie then proceeds by putting the fan on Bert's head. While Ernie is recapping why it's the right item, Bert is having difficulties staying in one place as the fan pushes him away.
2411 Ernie turns Bert into an alarm clock, in order to answer the question.
2414 The question is "what makes this sound "Muhhh"?"
Ernie brings in a piano to answer the question and he plays a note. Bert tells Ernie that it's the wrong answer because the piano did not make the correct noise. Ernie asks Bert to wait a bit, he then proceeds to put various things in the piano such as a drum, soccer ball and rope, afterwards he sits down at the piano and then plays "muhhh" on the piano. Bert can't understand what happened, and Ernie shows him that the piano can now play various kind of noises, while Bert examines the piano, and ends up getting stuck inside the piano.
2415 The question is "Which of these three balls is the biggest?".
Ernie notices that the soccer ball is missing air, so he can't tell which is biggest when that ball is missing air. So Ernie takes out his air pump and starts pumping air into the ball. Bert puts pressure on Ernie to concentrate on the answer instead. Ernie pumps more and more air into the ball, until it's the biggest of the three balls. Bert tells Ernie that he has pumped too much air in the ball and it explodes.
2416 The question is "What makes noise and cleans?".
Ernie's first answer is a radio. However, Bert tells him that a radio can't clean. Ernie then comes up with the solution: he finds a vacuum cleaner and starts using it on Bert.
2419 The question is "What flies, buzzes and can make honey?".
Ernie's first answer is a paper airplane, since it can fly. Bert tells him that's correct. However, it can't buzz so it's not the right answer. Ernie pulls out a honey jar to make sure that's what Bert meant, and a bee appears next to Ernie and he goes over to Bert to hand him the jar, he can't think with all that buzzing. As Bert gets the jar he runs away screaming with the bee after him, and as Ernie is about to warn him he suddenly realizes that the answer is a bee.