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On April 4, 2010, new segments premiered on Sesamstrasse called Ernie und Bert Go Music. In these German-produced segments, Ernie and Bert learn about classical music from the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra.


Picture Episode Title Description
2529 "Heute: Horn"
(Today: The horn)
Bert introduces the horn and talks a little about it. When Ernie comes by with his "Einhorn" (unicorn), Bert tries to tell Ernie that it's a different kind of "horn," but Ernie interrupts him and takes out his "Nashorn" (rhino). Bert tries to explain to him that they are looking at musical instruments. Ernie then pulls out a garden hose and claims that it's a musical instrument. Ernie hands it to the horn blower, who shows Bert that it's possible to play on the hose. Bert can't believe his own ears and Ernie joins in on his "Nashorn" (rhino).
2530 "Hummelflug"
(Flight of the Bumblebee)
Bert and Ernie oversee a sound check for the Radiophilharmonie. Ernie has got a protective hat on; after all they are gonna play "Flight of the Bumblebee." He also has an extra hat for Bert, however Bert claims he doesn't need it; after all, there are not going to be any bee's flying around. One of the musicians then asks Ernie if he may borrow the extra hat, and as the orchestra starts to play, bees come flying in, chasing Bert around the concert hall.
2531 "Das klingende Buch"
(The sounding book)
Bert is reading a book, while Ernie is hiding behind Bert's chair along with four musicians from the NDR Radiophilharmonie. As Bert reads out loud, the musicians accompany him on their instruments. As Bert can't understand where those sounds are coming from, he concludes that his book is so captivating that it makes him hear things. Eventually, he ends up noticing the musicians and is impressed that music can be used for so many different effects for a story. He then asks them to stay for the remaining 80 pages of the book; this however does not suit Ernie, since he had planned to go out for ice cream.
2532 "Streicher im Haus"
(Strings in the House)
Ernie reminds Bert that they are getting visitors today, three "streicher" (string players) will come by, so Bert starts to cover up the entire apartment in plastic sheeting, thinking that Ernie meant that "anstreicher" (painters) were coming by. As the door bell rings and Bert answers it, expecting to see the painters, he finds three people with cases instead. He tries to explain to them that they can't have company right now, since they are expecting the painters. Ernie explains to him that it's the string players from the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra, that they were actually expecting. Bert realizes his mistake and passes out.
2533 "Mittendrin statt nur dabei"
(Right in the middle of it all)
Ernie observes the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra practice. Bert comes by looking for his paper clip collection that he has lost; it's in a red box with yellow dots. Ernie tells Bert that he has seen it among the members of the orchestra. Bert goes out to chase down the box that is being tossed around among the various instruments as the orchestra plays. But it turns out to be the wrong box as Ernie found Bert's box. The box Bert that had been chasing contains the kettledrum player's cough drops.
2534 "Heute: Cello"
(Today: The cello)
Bert wants to talk about the cello; which Ernie likes, since he knows all about the cello. As Bert begins to talk about the instrument, Ernie interrupts him, noting that he can't see a cello anywhere. Bert directs Ernie's attention to the cello behind them, and Ernie begins to laugh. Ernie finds it funny that Bert thinks a racecar to be a cello. They start to discuss if it's a cello or a racecar. To settle the dispute, Bert invites Christan in, who plays the cello in the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra. However Christan puts on a helmet, and as he begins to play the instrument, Ernie starts his commentary for the race.
2535 "Die klingende Banane"
(The sounding banana)
Ernie and some musicians are talking about their instruments; a flute, a clarinet, a trombone and Ernie's banana. Bert tries to explain to Ernie that a banana is not an instrument, but Ernie insists to prove him wrong. Ernie starts playing on the banana; first some flute music, then clarinet sounds, and at the end the fruit sounds like a trombone. Bert is impressed at first but realizes that the sounds it makes are matching the other instruments. Ernie then hands Bert the banana since he and the other musicians decide to go and play soccer. As Bert tries to play on the banana he is surprised that it actually works.
2536 "Petri Heil im kleinen Sendesaal"
(Fishing in the small studio)
Bert is talking about a triangle, when Ernie comes by with a fishing rod ("Angel" in German), looking for the fishing-hook ("Angelhaken"). Bert doesn't know why Ernie would think there's a hook in a concert hall, as he was just talking about the triangle. Ernie remarks that he didn't realize that Bert likes to fish as well, to which Bert tells him that a triangle can't be used to catch fish. Ernie takes the triangle and puts it on the fishing rod, then says that he needs his fish attractor. Bert tries to explain to Ernie what to do with the triangle, but Ernie snatches the metal rod that Bert was holding and starts hitting the triangle to attract the fishes, and throws out the line. Bert is sure that once the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra triangle players arrive, they will convince Ernie that a triangle is a musical instrument. Ernie then asks Bert if that's "the three guys that are fishing over there?"
2537 "Heute: Trompete"
(Today: The trumpet)
Bert is talking about the trumpet, while Ernie looks closer at another trumpet. Ernie is not convinced that it's a trumpet, and that he's almost certain that it's a soap bubble blower machine. Then one of the musicians from the NDR Philharmonic Orchestra appears to demonstrate how to play on the instrument. It turns out that the trumpet indeed is a soap bubble blower machine, as well as sounding like a trumpet.
2538 "Das virtuose Quietscheentchen"
(The virtuoso Rubber Duckie)
Ernie tries to convince Bert that Rubber Duckie has learned to play three instruments in only a few minutes. Bert can't believe it and Ernie hands Rubber Duckie to the harp player who uses the duckie to play the harp. Bert insists that this doesn't count, so Ernie shows how Rubber Duckie can play the double bass. This time, Rubber Duckie is attached to the string. Once again Bert insists it doesn't count since the duckie didn't really play on its own. Next up are the kettledrums, this time Rubber Duckie jumps out of Ernie's hands and lands on the kettledrums, thereby playing the instrument.

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