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Sketches which feature Ernie and Bert venturing outside of their normal terrain, such as their vacations, going to the beach, going to the movies, etc.


Picture Summary / First Appearance Description
Rock Hunting
Episode 0034
Ernie is on a hunt for big rocks. When he tries to pick a really big rock, the rock turns out to be the dome of a large monster.
The Magic Apple
Episode 0133
Bob reads a story which is acted out by Ernie, Bert and three Anything Muppets. Ernie plays a "poor but honest farm boy" who would like to marry a princess and live in a palace with Rubber Duckies and banana milkshakes. A fairy godmother grants him that wish, but only if he can pick a magic apple from a tree. A farmer attempts to help him get the apple but doesn't succeed. Finally, Ernie rests under the tree until the apple falls into his mouth! Just then, a king arrives and chooses Ernie to marry his daughter, "the lovely princess Gwendolinda" (Bert in drag).
Borrowing a Vacuum
Borrowing a Vacuum
Episode 0181
Ernie wants to borrow Herbert Birdsfoot's vacuum cleaner, but he worries about how Herbert will respond. Maybe Herbert's taking a bath, and he'll be so angry at Ernie for interrupting him that he'll tell everyone to never loan Ernie anything ever again!
Soda straw
Episode 0276
Mr. Hooper and Tom serve sodas to Ernie and Bert. Ernie doesn't know how to drink with a straw, so the others encourage him. Ernie gets so good at drinking with a straw that he drinks Bert's soda, too.
The Beach: Bert is Missing
Episode 0278
At the beach, Ernie notices that Bert is missing; all he sees is Bert's hat. Sherlock Hemlock helps find Bert, and in the process, it turns out that Ernie accidentally buried Bert under the sand.
Planning Ahead
The Beach: Planning ahead
Episode 0284
It's a sunny day at the beach, and Bert remembered to bring everything. Ernie, however, only brought an umbrella in case it rains... which it does.
Ernie buys a sweater
Episode 0380
At a department store, a salesman hawks a particular sweater for Ernie, who doesn't find it appealing in any way. He does still want to buy it, as it perfectly appeals to Bert's tastes.
Things Everybody Does
Episode 0406
Ernie, Bert, Bob and the Kids talk about things that everybody does.
Ball Team
Episode 0478
Ernie is a coach for his baseball team of three balls (including "Yogi" and "Scooter"). In front of him are three small caps and a huge cap. Each of the balls tries on the big cap and gets completely covered up. Ernie puts the small caps on them, and they're ready to start. As Ernie wonders where that huge cap came from, a basketball named Big Bill (captain of the opposing team) bounces in, demanding his cap back. Ernie ends up postponing the game once he sees the competition.
Robin Hood Ernie Harvey Kneeslapper
Robin Hood's Merry Men Audition
Episode 0480
Ernie (playing Robin Hood) auditions Anything Muppets to be his Merry Men. After screening two individuals who don't meet the requirements, Harvey Kneeslapper is sent in laughing. Ernie thinks he's found a merry man and hires him immediately, but following a string of incessant jokes, decides he's too merry after all and fires him.
The Beach: Tough Eddie
Episode 0482
A tough guy named Tough Eddie accidentally knocks over Bert's sand castle while he's sleeping. Ernie points that out to Eddie, and Eddie tells Ernie, in a threatening tone of voice, that he's "got something" for Bert. It turns out to be an ice cream cone.
At the movies: Loud Noises
Episode 0536
At the theater, Ernie makes some loud noises while he eats his snacks and drinks his soda. Bert loses his temper and shouts at Ernie to be quiet, at which point the usher enters and throws Bert out.
The King's Nose
Episode 0537
Bert and Ernie appear in the story of The King's Nose, along with several other major Sesame Street characters. Ernie plays a young boy named Bruce who throws a pink rubber ball and accidentally gets it stuck on the king's nose. And Bert plays one of the king's subjects, the one who starts the trend of copying the king by putting a ball on his own nose.
At the movies: Lady with a Tall Hat
Episode 0538
A lady with a very tall hat sits in front of Ernie, blocking his view of the movie.
Ernie works for The Count
Episode 0539
The Count hires Ernie to answer his phone so that he won't be bothered with calls while he is counting. However, when the phone rings, the Count wants to count the rings, and won't let Ernie pick up the phone until it's too late. "I told you it wasn't going to be easy," the Count explains.
Ice cream soda
Episode 0539
While Ernie looks after Hooper's Store, Bert asks him for something to drink. Ernie starts out with a glass of unflavored soda water, tastes it, and decides it's too dull for his ol' buddy Bert. To Bert's dismay, Ernie then adds some strawberry syrup to the soda water, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and finally some whipped cream. Now it's an ice cream soda, which Bert doesn't want... but Ernie does.
At The Movies: Ernie gets emotional
Episode 0627
Ernie gets emotional during a movie: first he's scared, then sad, then happy. His reactions bother the other moviegoers, and the scene ends in chaos.
Bert's Imagination
Episode 0656
Bert sits outside on the street, pretending to fly a helicopter. Maria sits down with him, and the segment becomes animated as they fly through the air before returning to the Street.
Ernie and Bert's Separate Ways
Episode 0672
Ernie and Bert get into a big fight and decide to go their separate ways, Ernie moving out west to become a cowboy and Bert going to the North Pole to study fish. Maria convinces them not to do so, because then they'd never see each other again.
Bert and Betty Lou Ice Skate
Episode 0847
Full-body versions of Bert and Betty Lou ice skate together.
Ernie Knocks Down Bottles
Episode 0935
At the carnival, Herry asks Ernie to participate in a game. Ernie has three chances to win a prize by knocking down a pile of bottles with a baseball. Ernie only manages to knock down some, then most of the bottles, but not all of them, so he doesn't win the prize. Herry, on the other hand, can knock the bottles down not with a baseball, but with his loud voice.
Ernie buys a newspaper
Episode 1164
Ernie buys a newspaper after hearing the newsboy yell out the headline: "Four People Fooled!" Ernie reads the paper, but finds no such news in the paper, making him the fifth fool.
Apple Stand
Episode 1219
Ernie has set up an apple stand to sell apples. He shows Bert that he's got everything he needs including the stand, a stool for his customers to sit on, a cash register and napkins. When Bert asks to buy an apple, Ernie realizes that the apples are the one thing he's forgotten.
Apple Walnut Raisin Cookies
Episode 1287
Ernie helps Cookie Monster in making apple-walnut-raisin cookies, but every time Ernie hands the monster each ingredient, Cookie Monster instantly devours it.
Pigeon Book
Bert reads from his pigeon joke book
Episode 1287
Ernie doesn't think pigeons are able to laugh at Bert's jokes, but he's wrong.

Ernie Bert Egypt taping
Egyptian Mummies
Episode 1621
Ernie and Bert explore an Egyptian pyramid. Bert is excited but Ernie is afraid. They see statues that look like them. Bert decides to explore a tunnel while Ernie looks at the statues, and then the Ernie statue starts tapping and talking to Ernie. But when Ernie calls Bert back to the room, the statue doesn't move. Ernie is scared until the statue starts singing and dancing Rubber Duckie with him. Bert doesn't believe Ernie until he says "Bye-bye, statue," and the statue replies "Bye-bye!" and laughs... just like Ernie, scaring Bert.

Later airings of this sketch (including on Elmo Says BOO!) trimmed some material and added music to underscore the mood. The Best of Ernie and Bert, Playtime with Bert and Old School: Volume 3 included the sketch uncut and unaltered. The sketch as presented on is uncut but retains the later added underscoring. The sketch was also recreated in clay for the book Where's the Duckie?.

Fish Call
Episode 1641
Bert and Ernie go fishing. Ernie catches fish by yelling "Here fishy, fishy, fishy," and fish come flying to his boat. Bert tries it, but only catches a shark.
Ernie and Bert go to the jungle
Episode 1736
Ernie and Bert go to the jungle to find Dr. Livingstone because Ernie has a very important question to ask him, but they keep running into other people, including a fire fighter and a taxi driver.
Ernie and Bert go camping
Episode 1808
Ernie and Bert are camping. It's time for them to sleep, but Ernie keeps distracting Bert by pointing out the various sounds that they hear.
Dressing a snowman
Episode 1824
Ernie and Bert build a snowman, but Ernie fears that the snowman will be cold if they don't dress him. Even though Bert tries to tell him that snowmen can't feel the cold, that doesn't stop Ernie from dressing the snowman in Bert's clothing.
Old King Cole
Episode 1951
Ernie plays Old King Cole and calls for his pipe and bowl. When he calls for his fiddlers three, they each appear one at a time allowing Ernie to practice his addition. The introduction to the story is narrated by Sonia Manzano.
Love Boat parody
Episode 1958
On the deck of The Love Boat, a uniformed Ernie expresses how much he loves this boat. "Ernest" shares his love with Amanda, a grumpy patron, a fish, and soon several passengers who join them in their love for this boat.
Ernie and Bert at the movies: The Picnic
Episode 2071
Ernie and Bert go to the movies to see a silent movie, "The Picnic," starring Charlie Chaplin (played by Sonia Manzano) and his date (played by Linda Bove).
Miami Mice
Episode 2209
Ernie pays a visit to the headquarters of the Miami Mice, asking them to help him get back his Rubber Duckie, which he had taken to the repair shop. When they get there, they wonder at first why no one is there until they realize that the shop is cerrado, or, in English, closed.
The American Revolution: The National Bird
Episode 2332
In this episode of The American Revolution, Bert and Ernie are two of the founding fathers who are trying to decide on the national bird. Bert, as Thomas Jefferson, favors the pigeon because it loves things that make America great; things like windowsills, statues, and curbs. Ernie, as John Adams, prefers the bald eagle, as it's a handsome bird which can watch over the country as it flies. Other founding fathers are played by Telly Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch, with Herry Monster as the Moderator.
Hill Street Twos
Episode 2359
Grover and Ernie star in a parody of Hill Street Blues, where the frustrated police chief has a hard time getting his force to split into pairs of two.
Bert's Tuba Sound
Episode 2386
In the park, Bert overhears the sound of a tuba - his favorite instrument. It's actually Simon Soundman, who's "just practicing." Bert begs Simon to teach him how to make that sound by himself, but Bert ends up attracting Gladys the Cow, who thinks she heard the romantic call of a bull.

This segment was taped on September 11, 1987 and was directed by Jon Stone.[1]

Fashion Report
Episode 2417
Ernie gives a report on what the well-dressed trees are wearing each season.

This segment was taped on October 29, 1987 and was directed by Emily Squires.[2]


Picture Summary / First Appearance Description
Calling All Pigeons
Episode 2968
Bert goes to the park to practice his pigeon calls, but instead of attracting a pigeon that says coo, he gets a cow that says moo, an owl that says hoo, a number two, and an entire zoo.
Episode 3199
Ernie keeps catching fish, and Bert doesn't, so Ernie tries moving to a different place on the boat, then not using bait, then just quitting. When Bert finally catches something, it is only a note that reads: "What happened to your friend?"

(Note: This is Steve Whitmire's first performance as Ernie)[3]

Elmo is Loud
Episode 3249
Bert enjoys a nice day at the park feeding his pigeons when Elmo screams a hello to him, scaring the pigeons away. Bert explains that when pigeons are near, one must be quiet. Elmo understands and helps Bert by loudly calling the pigeons back. Bert becomes happy again and Elmo cheers...scaring the pigeons away again.
Bert's Fairytale Theater: Sleeping Beauty
Episode 3777
Bert portrays Prince Charming, who wakes up Sleeping Beauty, but then puts her to sleep again when he starts talking to her about his paper clips.
Bottlecap Box
Episode 4309
Ernie finds less boring uses for Bert's bottlecap box and pretends it's a spaceship, a treasure chest and a robot costume.
Estimation Vacation
Episode 4525
While vacationing alone at the beach, Bert ends up on Guy Smiley's game show "Estimation Vacation." Facing off against the Estimation Crustacean, he must make an estimate as to how many of each animal there are. Bert comes out victorious, winning an unwanted trip to Alaska.
Fruit Friends
In the park, Ernie wonders if his banana can make friends with Bert's orange. Bert thinks fruits can't make friends, but Ernie tries to convince Bert that the difference between the two doesn't matter.
Ernie teaches Bert how to pretend to be an elephant.
Funny Things
Bert tries to read his book in the park, when Ernie dances around him, making funny noises. He is shocked to find out Bert doesn't find it funny and Bert explains that what's funny to Ernie may not be funny to him. Bert tells Ernie he's going to continue reading, making Ernie laugh. Bert sees how funny he is and tries out some funny catchphrases, which Ernie doesn't find funny.
Bert reads his book when Ernie rushes up to him, desperately asking him to put on a helmet. Bert explains that one needs a helmet for riding bikes and other activities, but not reading. Once he finally gets it on, Ernie reveals he kicked his soccer ball really hard and it went into the sky. It then falls right on Bert's head.
Pretend Swim
Ernie tries to get Bert to take a pretend swim with him. After witnessing Ernie dogpaddle and butterfly, Bert wonders if there's any pigeon-specific swimming techniques. Ernie tells Bert that he's "splashing" too much, which drenches his book.
Ernie shows Bert that Rubber Duckie can express many emotions, despite what Bert logically thinks.
Pigeon Watching
While Bert tries to watch some pigeons in the park, Ernie gives demonstrations of "next to", "behind", "in front of" and "under", blocking Bert's view each time.
Ernie asks Bert to cure Rubber Duckie's hiccups by surprising him. Bert then has to do more and more to appease Rubber Duckie, who becomes so grateful, he reads Bert's book to him.
Ernie encourages Bert to stop bird-watching and get exercise by playing tag with him.
At the beach, Ernie constantly interrupts Bert's nap to tell him all the benefits of getting sleep. Ernie eventually falls asleep too, but his snoring prevents Bert from getting any further shut-eye.
Bert looks up pigeons on his laptop, when Ernie bothers him with his bugle playing. Bert shows Ernie how computers can be used to do lots of things, even finding information about bugles. Ernie finds a computer of his own and video chats Bert, sharing his bugle music with him.
Missing Paperclips
Ernie wants Bert to play tag with him, but Bert is much more focused on his missing paperclips. They discover Ernie has found them, unaware they belonged to Bert, and has made a necklace from them. But, in order to get them back, Bert has to catch Ernie in tag!
Looking for Five
Ernie, armed with a magnifying glass, looks for the number 5 all over Bert. When he's fed up, he shows Ernie page 5 of his book, which Ernie then walks off with.
Bert wants Ernie's help in sorting his bottlecaps, but Ernie's too busy pretending to be a duck. He gets Bert to quack along with him and together, they attract a real duck, who messes up Bert's collection.
Jumping Experiment
Ernie reads a book about science and ropes Bert into an experiment. He has Bert jump up and down, while he records what he observes. Bert eventually gets tired and angrily stops, revoking his participation in the experiment. Ernie reveals the next part of the experiment was to provide him with juice, but since Bert's not a part anymore, he drinks it himself.
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie wants Bert to jump with him, but Bert declines. To get him to do it, he swipes his hat and places it atop a large stick that Bert tries to jump to reach.
Garden Exercise
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie and Bert find ways to exercise while cleaning the garden.
Bike Riding
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie convinces Bert that falling and hurting himself is okay when he's trying to ride a bike.
Rubber Duckie Gymnastics
Super Healthy Monsters
Fitness instructor Rubber Duckie teaches Ernie and Bert a new exercise. Bert struggles within, but he finally gets it, the lesson is over and Chef Rubber Duckie starts a cooking class.
The Heart
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie recites poems about the heart, using his bongos to emulate the sound it makes.
Body Photos
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie takes photos of Bert's heart by photographing the body parts it helps (his hair, skin, stomach).
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie and Bert are on a picnic, but Bert is more focused on observing Bernice than eat with Ernie. Bernice ends up taking Bert's sandwich, but at least he can watch her do it.
New Foods
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie brings home a strange fruit from the market and encourages Bert to try it.
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie discovers a box full of old things of when he and Bert were younger, including Bert's hat and Ernie's old duckie shirt. Ernie tries it on and finds it doesn't fit and thinks something has happened to it. Bert points out that they've grown and changed.
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie disrupts Bert's reading with facts about lungs from his book. He tells Bert that even pigeons use their lungs to "coo." Bert tries it out and is amazed to find it's true until Ernie tells him to be quieter; he's trying to read.
Imaginary Ping Pong
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie ropes Bert into playing an imaginary game of ping pong with him.
Pogo Stick
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie wants Bert to try jumping on a pogo stick, but Bert doesn't know how. With some help from Ernie, he learns how to jump...but Ernie's too busy reading Bert's book to teach him how to stop.
Super Healthy Monsters
While Bert sorts his paperclips, Ernie demonstrates different kinds of dances, roping Bert into them. They accidentally ruin his collection, so Ernie begins a paperclip polka to retrieve them.
Listening to Body
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie listens to his body's needs, ignoring Bert's requests for help scratching his back.
Pajama Exercise
Super Healthy Monsters
Bert is surprised to see Ernie show up to their exercise time dressed in his pajamas with his sheets, pillow and Rubber Duckie. Ernie makes use of everything after their job, for his rest.
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie plans on phoning him and Bert a pizza when Bert shows him how they can make a healthier alternative using veggies and pita bread. Ernie gobbles it all in one bite and gives Bert the phone to order a new one.
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie and Bert are having a breakfast picnic in the park. Bert is looking forward to his oatmeal but must wait as Ernie pulls out the other breakfast foods he's packed. He finds the oatmeal, but it's all been eaten.
Balanced Meal
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie tries balancing an apple on his head, thinking that's what's meant by having a "balanced meal." Bert shows him his healthy lunch and suggests Ernie try that instead. Ernie takes it literally and begins munching down Bert's meal.
Perfect, Healthy Meal
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie, dressed in a chef's hat, shows Bert the drawing he's made of the perfect healthy meal the two can have. Bert looks forward to it, until he learns Ernie's only drawing the food - it's up to Bert to shop for the items and prepare the meal.
Ernie Explores His Senses
Super Healthy Monsters
Ernie uses his senses to explore and teaches Bert how as well.


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