PERFORMER John Eccleston

Ernie the Moongoose is a character in The Animal Show.

He appeared in the episode "Mongoose & Secretary Bird" where he tells Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear about mongooses. He soon becomes a nuisance when he starts doing different changes to the show like telling Yves St. La Roache to lose his French accent and having Stinky and Jake wear hard-helmeted hats like other nature show hosts do. He even sends them to a corner while he interviewed Kyle the Secretary Bird. Though when it came to them arguing about which was the better snake-eater, Jake broke up the argument by sending Kyle to sing a song while he and Stinky have a talk. Ernie then comes up with an idea to have everyone wear honkers on their head which Armstrong the Chicken Hawk did much to the annoyance of Bunnie Bear. At the end of the episode, it turned out that Ernie's wife and kids are visiting one of his relatives and that he had nowhere else to go. Stinky and Jake end up having to let Ernie stay until his family returns.