Everybody Hates Chris is a sitcom which ran from 2005 to 2009, narrated by and loosely based on the life of Chris Rock.

In the fourth season episode "Everybody Hates Big Bird", Chris begins dating Kelly, a tall girl in class who has been dubbed "Big Bird" by others at school. There's a scene in which members of the football team mock the couple:

Football Player #1: Hey, it's Big Bird!
Football Player #2: Hey, where's Bert and Ernie?
FP #1: (to Chris) I guess that makes you . . . Snuffleupagus?
FP #2: No, it makes him Roosevelt Franklin!
FP #1: Cookie?

The narrator (adult Chris) quips "Who are they making fun of? They obviously watch a lot of Sesame Street.

At the end of the episode, Kelly appears after a make-over, teases Chris for not wanting to be seen with "Big Bird," and tells him "See you later, Kermit." The narrator closes with "Tonight's episode was brought to you by the letters D, A, M and N!"


  • Jason Alexander played Principal Edwards in "Everybody Hates the Buddy System" (2006) and "Everybody Hates Snow Day" (2007)
  • Debbie Allen played a mother in "Everybody Hates Elections" (2006) and a gun woman in "Everybody Hates Minimum Wage" (2007)
  • Wayne Brady played Louis in "Everybody Hates Thanksgiving" (2006) and "Everybody Hates the Buddy System" (2008)
  • Terry Crews played Julius Rock
  • Whoopi Goldberg played Louise in "Everybody Hates Rejection" and "Everybody Hates a Liar" (2006)
  • Kadeem Hardison played the judge in "Everybody Hates Driving" (2007) and "Everybody Hates PSATs" (2009)
  • Steve Landesberg played Mr. Levine in "Everybody Hates Mr. Levine" (2009)
  • Linda Mendoza directed "Everybody Hates Picture Day" (2006)
  • Chris Rock voices the narrator and played Mr. Abbott in "Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor" (2007)
  • Tyler James Williams played Chris
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