Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Jon Stone and Jim Henson
Date 1969
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.
First Episode 0001

"Everybody Wash" is a song which asks the listener to wash various body parts, ending with "Everybody wash your everything!"

It was first performed by Ernie in Episode 0001. Ernie's scenes would be intercut with the human cast on the street and live action film of animals bathing. In repeated airings, the song would be intercut with new footage of the cast. Bert and Ernie then recorded the song for The Sesame Street Book & Record.

Susan performed a rendition of the song in Episode 2637. Gordon led the cast in this song in Episode 4029. The song was also sung by Bubbles Martin on "The Bath Channel" in "Elmo's World: Bath Time."

A variation of the song, entitled "Everybody Moo," was used in a 1970 insert with Cookie Monster and Herry. (First: Episode 0141)


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