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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1969
Publisher Festival Attractions Inc.
First Episode 0026

"Everyone Likes Ice Cream" was performed on the first season of Sesame Street by three Anything Muppet siblings: a frowning Green boy (performed by Jim Henson), a bespectacled Purple boy (performed by Caroll Spinney), and a Hot Pink girl who would become Betty Lou (Frank Oz).

The green boy is belligerent and admits to liking ice cream only when pressed, even though he frequently licks his own cone throughout the song. At the end of the song, Cookie Monster (voiced by Joe Raposo) approaches the kids, but is placated by the offer of an ice cream cone.

The soundtrack of the broadcast version of the song is included on the Big Bird Sings! album. However, there is a confusing edit at the beginning, in which audio of Big Bird asking "Is everybody ready?" is spliced in from the beginning of "Hee Hee Ha Ha", giving the erroneous impression that he is in this sketch. From watching the sketch, it is clear that Spinney is only performing as one of the siblings.

A new version of the song was recorded for Bert and Ernie Sing-Along, featuring the entire cast. Another new version was recorded for Happy Birthday from Sesame Street, with Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson and Fran Brill as the kids.


  • One of the Green boy's remarks towards his brother, "Ya sissy!", was edited out of the song in future episodes after Season 1; the audio replaced with "birdies" in response to his brother's line about birdies. This edit was retained for the 2019 DVD release. When Episode 0083 aired on Noggin, the line was simply muted rather than dubbed over.


Audio (original version)
Audio (cast version)
Audio (remade Anything Muppets' version)