Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1970
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
First Episode 0131
Sesame Street Big Bird Sings about Mistakes

Sesame Street Big Bird Sings about Mistakes

Big Bird sings "Everyone Makes Mistakes" to Captain Vegetable.

"Everyone Makes Mistakes" is a Sesame Street song first sung by Big Bird in a 1970 episode, the season 2 premiere. He sings about how you shouldn't feel bad if you do something like spill your glass of milk, or make a mistake when you're counting. Everyone makes mistakes, so it's okay if you do, too.

On the record version, Big Bird talks to Farley before and after the song. Garibaldo also sang it on the original version of Vila Sésamo, the Brazilian co-production of Sesame Street, using the original music. Big Bird later sang the song to Captain Vegetable.



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