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Fairy Napmother.jpg
DEBUT 2004
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

The Fairy Napmother is one of the Fairy Godmothers on Sesame Street.

She appears in Episode 4078 after Baby Bear wishes he could help his baby sister Curly Bear fall asleep and take a nap. She goes through a checklist of methods that should have helped Curly fall asleep, but Baby Bear has tried all of them. The Fairy Napmother says she can solve his problem with magic: a magic wand, magic rhyming spells, and magic fairy dust. After she runs through her routine, Curly still hasn't fallen asleep. Having never failed before, the Fairy Napmother wonders if she needs a vacation, but finally decides she just needs a nap before poofing away.

Her outfit is inspired by that of Glinda the Good Witch from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.