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Fairy Tales Today was a news show hosted by Prairie Dawn during the 1990s, a send up of Entertainment Tonight. In a similar format to Kermit's news flashes, Prairie would interview characters from famous fairy tales. She would either interview them from a video feed in her studio or go on location.

Prairie would later serve a similar role as a media personality interviewing storybook characters in Episode 4098 and Episode 4107 (reporting for "Nursery Rhyme News"), as well as Episode 4145 (reporting for "Fairy Tale News").


Picture Title / First Appearance Description
Goldilocks Now
Episode 2915
Prairie has heard that Goldilocks is no longer working with the three bears and is in a new story involving four penguins. However when she asks if this is true, she finds that talking to Goldilocks is like talking to a brick wall.
Princess and the Pea
Episode 3228
Prairie interviews The Princess from "The Princess and the Pea", who can't seem to get to sleep. Prairie suspects it's the pea under the mattress that's preventing her sleep, but it turns out she needs the pea to sleep on, as she has gotten so used to sleeping on it.
Big Sad Wolf
Episode 3373
Prairie goes to a cottage in the woods where a wolf named Lester (Joey Mazzarino) runs out crying, claiming that some girl came in, called her "Granny" and called his body parts big.
Striking Food
Episode 3382
Prairie interviews some fairy tale fruits and vegetables, including the beans from "Jack and the Beanstalk", the pumpkin from "Cinderella" and the apple from "Snow White", all of whom agree that they get treated unfairly in each of their stories. Prairie says that fruits and vegetables don't have feelings in the real world, which offends them.
Rapunzel: Bad Hair Day
Episode 3460
Prairie goes to the park where a large braid of hair is all over the place, causing various people to trip on it. Rapunzel gets her hair stuck and can't break free, until a bystander brings up the idea of a haircut.

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