Music by Jack Elliott
Lyrics by Jerry Juhl
Date 1972
Publisher Jim Henson Productions, Inc.

"Family Song" is a sung by the troupe of animals in The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. The song is about the supposed family that lives in a farmhouse and will give them food and a place to rest. Leroy the donkey sings the first stanza to describe his vision of the whole thing. His friends don't believe him until they see an actual farmhouse, and silhouettes on the drawn shade. Thinking it really is a family, all four of them sing a second stanza. Unbeknownst to them, that "family" is really their villainous owners.

To illustrate how off base they are, their masters are depicted in an old fashioned style photograph, with Mordecai Sledge as the father, Lardpork as the mother, Caleb Siles as the daughter, and Mean Floyd as the son.

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