Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Illustrator Maggie Swanson
Published 1980
Publisher Golden Press
Series Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN 0307231135

Farley Goes to the Doctor addresses childhood fears of the doctor and shots. The plot follows Farley as he visits Dr. Rothman for his annual checkup. Farley takes along his teddy bear for moral support. Other patients include Ernie (who has a sore throat) and Grover (whose arm is in a sling). By the book's end, Farley is so pleased with his visit that he anxiously wants to get home to perform medical examinations on all of his stuffed animals.

The book was reissued in 1993 as a Reader's Digest Kids book, with new cover art by Maggie Swanson.


Other editions

The book was reissued in 1993 by Reader's Digest.


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