PERFORMER Richard Hunt

Farmer Fowler appears in a Sesame Street "Here is Your Life" segment, saluting a carton of eggs. He was the person who planted Corny the Corn and fed it to Stephanie Chicken who then laid the eggs. Guy Smiley tells of his role, with Farmer Fowler echoing his words. He does not seem to be amused by the jokes Corny tells during the segment.

The same farmer puppet also appeared in Episode 2707 of Sesame Street (performed here by Kevin Clash). In the episode, his cows Bessie and Beulah go on strike, claiming that he hasn't been feeding them grass in order to give milk. The farmer argues that their shortage of grass is due to a lack of rain. Once it starts raining at the episode's end, the farmer and his cows rejoice near Oscar's trash can, much to the dismay of Oscar and Grundgetta.