PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson
DEBUT 1993
PATTERN Lavender

Farmer McGregor appears in a Sesame Street sketch with Colambo in "The Case of the Missing Pig". When Colambo interrogates Tom Pipersson for info about a missing pig, he calls for Farmer McGregor to identify the missing pig. At first the pig wears a moustache, but when Colambo takes it off, Farmer McGregor reveals that it is his lost pig, Samantha. It was later revealed that Tom Pipersson took the farmer's cow and chicken.

As Colambo is about to arrest Tom Pipersson, the farmer realizes that Colambo looks like his lost lamb, Petey, and, stupidly forgetting about all his other animals, takes him home, while Tom Pipersson waves good-bye to them.

Farmer McGregor can also be seen as a frustrated would-be passenger (without the mustache) of the "The Elephant Elevator Operator".