Farscape: The Game is a computer game adaptation of Farscape, released for Windows. Released in 2002, the game was developed by Jim Henson Interactive with Red Lemon Studios, and published by Simon & Schuster Interactive.

The plot, set during the timeline from the show's first season, involves an attack on Moya by the Peacekeepers, leaving Crichton and Chiana stranded on a desert planet (where they must help the local villagers), D'Argo and Aeryn taken prisoner, Rygel trying to escape out of Moya, and Zhaan missing. The game allows players to assume the roles of all six principal characters at different times during the gameplay.


  • Game Design: Jonathan Dawson, Alan McDairmant, Chris McMahon
  • Executive Producer: Elizabeth J. Braswell
  • Senior Producer: Alan McDairmant
  • Written by: Nigel Kennington, Alan McDairmant
  • Art Director: Paige Pooler


  • Additional Voices: Tom Eastwood, Stuart Milligan, Stella Monsell, Sarah Easton, Jay Simon, Marc Thompson

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