Farscape was dubbed into French and aired over the channel Série Club from October 20, 2000 to August 24, 2001; the full dubbed series was later repeated on the French Sci-Fi channel beginning in August 29, 2006. The entire series was also released on Region 2 DVD. As with other European dubs, the series aired in the original production order rather than the US numbering.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars aired in two parts on January 7 and 14, 2006 on the French cable network CinéCinéma.


Regular Cast



  • Dubbing Studio: Dubbing Brothers
  • Voice Direction: Hervé Rey


Season One

French title Original title Guest Voices
La voie mystérieuse
(The mysterious path)
Premiere Axel Kiener as D.K.
Le cristal
(The crystal)
Throne for a Loss Michel Vigne as Bekhesh
La boucle temporelle
(The temporal loop)
Back and Back and Back to the Future Jean Topart as Verell
Génésie Exodus from Genesis  

Rencontre d'un certain type
(Meeting a certain type)
I, E. T. Marion Game as Lyneea
La planète Sykar
(The planet Sykar)
Thank God It's Friday. Again. Virginie Ledieu as Tanga
Marc Cassot as Hybin
Gilina PK Tech Girl Stephanie Murat as Gilina
Francis Lax as Teurac
Les vieux démons du passé
(The old demons of the past)
That Old Black Magic Jean-Pierre Moulin as Maldis
Le généticien fou<br(The mad genetecist) DNA Mad Scientist  
Chacun son secret' They've Got a Secret  
Naissance d'un vortex
(Birth of a Vortex)
Episode 111: Till the Blood Runs Clear  
Rhapsodie in blue Rhapsody in Blue Marie-Laure Dougnac as Alexandra O'Connor/Lorana
Brigitte Lecordier as Young Crichton
Le flax The Flax  
Jeremiah Crichton Jeremiah Crichton Lionel Tua as Kato-Re
Maik Darah as Neera
Le retour de Durka Durka Returns Jean-Pierre Leroux as Salis
Que feraient-ils?
(How would they react?)
A Human Reaction  
De l'autre côté du miroir Through the Looking Glass  
Virus A Bug's Life Bruno Dubernat as Larraq
Le greffon
(The graft)
Nerve Stephanie Murat as Gilina
Le voleur de mémoire
(The memory thief)
The Hidden Memory Stephanie Murat as Gilina
La calcivore
(The bone eater)
Bone to Be Wild  
Les liens de l'espace
(The relationships of space)
Family Ties  
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