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| [[file:BattyCrooky1alt.jpg|200px|center]]<br>[[file:BattyCrooky1.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[file:BattyCrooky1alt.jpg|200px|center]]<br>[[file:BattyCrooky1.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''1''' {{eka|4000}}
| '''[[1]]''' {{first|4000}} (original)<br>{{first|4013}} (new graphics)
Batty and Crooky stack wooden blocks to form the number 1.<br>''In subsequent appearances, a computer-animated 1 appeared over the stack.''
Batty and Crooky stack wooden blocks to form the number 1.<br>''In subsequent appearances, a green computer-animated 1 appeared over the stack. In the original, a white 1 appears on the upper right corner.''
| [[file:4008WegmanDogs.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[file:4008WegmanDogs.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''Stop and Go''' {{eka|4008}}
| '''Stop and Go''' {{first|4008}}
The dogs show ''stop'' and ''go'' during a race.
The dogs show ''stop'' and ''go'' during a race.
| [[file:4134zc.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[file:4134zc.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''King''' {{eka|4134}}
| '''King''' {{first|4134}}
One of the dogs portrays a king.
One of the dogs portrays a king.
| [[file:Wegman.4.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[file:Wegman.4.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''4''' {{eka|4154}}
| '''[[4]]''' {{first|4154}}
The dogs sit in 4 theater chairs.
The dogs sit in 4 theater chairs.
| [[File:3985f.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[File:3985f.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''6''' {{eka|3985}}
| '''[[6]]''' {{first|3985}}
The dogs rides canoes to illustrate the number 6.
The dogs rides canoes to illustrate the number 6.
| [[file:WegmansPool.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[file:WegmansPool.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''In and Out''' {{eka|4020}}
| '''In and Out''' {{first|4020}}
The dogs show ''in'' and ''out'' with a swimming pool.
The dogs show ''in'' and ''out'' with a swimming pool.
Line 497: Line 497:
| [[File:WegmanDogsMudPie.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[File:WegmanDogsMudPie.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''Mud Pies''' {{eka|4034}}
| '''Mud Pies''' {{first|4034}}
The dogs make 4 mud pies.
The dogs make 4 mud pies.
| [[File:4047-Wegman.jpg|200px|center]]
| [[File:4047-Wegman.jpg|200px|center]]
| '''4 Cups of Fruit Punch''' {{eka|4047}}
| '''4 Cups of Fruit Punch''' {{first|4047}}
A dog makes 4 cups of fruit punch.
A dog pours 4 glasses of fruit punch and tries to sell them to anyo.

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The inimitable Fay Ray


Fay, Battina, and Chundo


Farmer McFay

Fay Ray (1984 - 1995) was the Weimaraner dog most often used by photographer/filmmaker William Wegman in segments on Sesame Street.

Wegman, who had had success with his dog Man Ray from the 1970s until Man Ray's death in 1982, bought Fay, then known as "Cinnamon Girl", as a puppy in 1985. Wegman first began photographing Fay in 1986, and she made her screen debut in Wegman's 1986 short Dog Baseball.

In November 1987, Wegman was contacted by Sesame Street producer Arlene Sherman, who invited him to supply short films for the series. Fay was the natural choice to star. Wegman, in voice-over, would narrate and give instructions, and Fay would demonstrate everything from math skills to letter concepts. Beginning in 1992, Fay was joined by her three pups, all born in 1989: Batty (aka Battina), Crooky, and Chundo. The following year introduced a number of sketches based on fairy tales and rhymes, and also introduced the "Farmer McFay" series (amongst the first in which the dogs' heads were posed over a man's arms and body, usually assistants Jason Burch or Andrea Beeman). Other segments, such as "ABC," let the dogs be dogs.

The dogs also starred in a series of Sesame Street sponsored videos, both compiling earlier sketches and new material, notably Alphabet Soup (1995) and Fay's Twelve Days of Christmas (1995). In the latter, Fay, in a wig and posed over an apron clad model, poses as a loving mother preparing Christmas meals and presents for her family.

In late spring of 1995, Fay suddenly contracted leukemia, and passed away at the age of 11 on June 7. Her children, however, have continued to appear on Sesame Street. Fay's grandson Chip is a more recent addition to the menagerie.

Sketch Segments

Original films

Picture Description
Subtraction (3 Balls) (EKA: Episode 2608)

Fay Ray subtracts 3 balls from a table.

Walkman (EKA: Episode 2614)

Fay listens to a walkman.

Addition (3 Balls) (EKA: Episode 2615)

Fay demonstrates addition by placing 3 balls on a table.

Title 01 39 0001
On Top (EKA: Episode 2620)

Fay gets on top of a box.

Animal Disguises (EKA: Episode 2639)

Aping earlier photographs of Man Ray, Fay adisguises herself as various animals, including a ladybug, a moose, a green elephant, and a frog. Two girls, in voice-over, refer to the latter as "Kermit the Dog."

Clockwise (EKA: Episode 2645)

Fay moves clockwise and ticks, until an alarm rounds.

On and Off (EKA: Episode 2746)

Fay gets on and off a rug.

Over and Under (EKA: Episode 2795)

Fay demonstrates "over" and "under".

One of These Things (EKA: Episode 2822)

One of these balls is not like the other.

Addition (4 Balls) (EKA: Episode 2835)

Fay demonstrates addition by placing 4 balls on a table.

On and Under (EKA: Episode 2869)

Fay gets on and under a rug.

Subtraction (1 Ball) (EKA: Episode 2991)

Fay demonstrates subtraction by removing blue balls from a table.

Subtraction (4 Balls) (EKA: Episode 3049)

Fay demonstrates subtraction by removing 4 balls.

Near (EKA: Episode 3101)

Fay rolls balls near the camera.

Left to Right (EKA: Episode 3145)

Fay Ray's head moves across the floor from left to right. Two segments later, her head moves from right to left.

Near and Far (EKA: Episode 3401)

Fay Ray moves from far to near the camera.

Farmer McFay

A series of shorts in which Fay, posed in overalls over Jason Burch's arms, demonstrated numbers using fruits and vegetables from her crop, with Chundo playing her son. A subset of the series, The McDoubles, had Fay's female pups Batty and Crooky dressed in overalls joined at the waist.

Picture Description
Farmer McFay: 3 (First: Episode 3189)

Farmer McFay has 3 fruits.

Farmer McFay: Green Apples (EKA: Episode 3208)

Farmer McFay subtracts green apples from 5 to 3 to 1 and is bothered by a fly.

The McDoubles: Helping (EKA: Episode 3213)

The McDouble twins know how to help each other.

Farmer McFay: 5 (EKA: Episode 3215)

Farmer McFay is tired because she only slept for 5 hours.

Farmer McFay: 6 (EKA: Episode 3216)

Farmer McFay counts six lemons and limes.

The McDoubles: 2 (EKA: Episode 3217)

The McDoubles twins display pairs of things.

The McDoubles: Counting to 10 (EKA: Episode 3224)

The McDoubles count to 10 with their fingers.

Farmer McFay: Lemons (EKA: Episode 3225)

Farmer McFay juggles 3 lemons, then two.

Farmer McFay: 4 (EKA: Episode 3244)

Farmer McFay counts a bumper crop of 4 fruits.

Farmer McFay: 40 (EKA: Episode 3705)

Farmer McFay counts 40 fruits from the season's bumper crop.

Nursery Rhymes

Various nursery rhymes and fairy tales enacted by the dogs.

Picture Description
Goldilocks (EKA: Episode 3302)

The dogs re-enact the classic tale, with Crooky in a wig as Goldilocks, and the other three as the bears.

Old King Cole (EKA: Episode 3448)

Chundo as Old King Cole.

Little Miss Muffet (EKA: Episode 3449)

Crooky, in a wig as Little Miss Muffet, deals with a spider.

Little Jack Horner (EKA: Episode 3460)

The nursery rhyme is recited with some help from the dogs.

Jack and Jill (EKA: Episode 3491)
Jack Sprat (EKA: Episode 3522)

Jack Sprat and his wife eating a meal.

Little Bo Peep (EKA: Episode 3525)

Batty as Little Bo Peep, seeking her sheep (three parts).

The Ten O'Clock Scholar (EKA: Episode 3529)
Rub-a-Dub-Dub (EKA: Episode 3530)

The dogs reenact the nursery rhyme.
Note: This sketch is accompanied by slow, classical music; however, on the home video release, the music has fast-paced vaudeville music.

Pat-a-Cake (EKA: Episode 3576)
Jack-a-Nory (EKA: Episode 3615)
To market, to market (EKA: Episode 3684)

The dogs play out the nursery rhyme.

The Alphabet

Segments where the dogs form the letters of the alphabet. Beginning in season 28, most of the segments would include footage from Wegman's own video, Alphabet Soup, which featured the dogs displaying various words beginning with a letter.

Picture Description
Dog Alphabet (First: Episode 3266)

The dogs form all the letters of the alphabet.

A (EKA: Episode 3307)

The dogs form an A.

A (EKA: Episode 3657)

The dogs form an A, for artist and art, and an airplane.

B (EKA: Episode 3536)

The dogs form the letter B, and Fay Ray balances a boat on her head.

E (EKA: Episode 3426)

The dogs form a letter E.

H (EKA: Episode 3291)

The dogs form an H.

Wegman dogs J
J (EKA: Episode 3280)

The dogs form a J.

J - Jester (EKA: Episode 3598)

The dogs make a J and dress as a jester.

K (EKA: Episode 3373)

The dogs form a K, as in King.

L (EKA: Episode 3300)

The dogs form an L.

M (EKA: Episode 3683)

The dogs form an M.

M - Milk (EKA: Episode 3683)

The dogs form the letter M for the word milk, which Chundo sips a glass of.

P (EKA: Episode 3330)

The dogs form a P.

T (EKA: Episode 3355)

The dogs form a T, which is for train.

V (EKA: Episode 3689)

The dogs form the letter V, for violin and valentine.

W (EKA: Episode 3344)

The dogs form a W.

X (EKA: Episode 3659)

The dogs form an X, and Fay Ray gets an X-ray.

The People in Your Neighborhood

Picture Description
Waiter (First: Episode 3786)

The dogs show what a waiter's job is like.

Auto Mechanic (First: Episode 3801)

The dogs demonstrate the job of an auto mechanic.

Truck Driver (First: Episode 3813)

The dogs show what a truck driver does in the construction field.

Hairdresser (First: Episode 3814)

The dogs show the job of a hairdresser.

Painter (First: Episode 3821)

The dogs portray a house painter.

Fisherman (First: Episode 3872)

The dogs show what a fisherman does.

Tailor (First: Episode 3875)

The dogs inhabit a clothing boutique.

Conductor (EKA: Episode 3950)

The dogs show an orchestra conductor and a pianist.


Picture Description
Sleeping (EKA: Episode 3010)

Fay, Battina and Chundo are really sound sleepers - neither an alarm, nor a jackhammer, nor an elephant will wake them up.

Next To (EKA: Episode 3066)

The dogs get next to each other in pictures.

Sliding Dogs (EKA: Episode 3068)

The dogs slide past each other, counting to 3.

One of These Things (1st version) (EKA: Episode 3105)

One dog (a terrier) is not like the others.

One of These Things (2nd version) (EKA: Episode 3114)

One dog (a poodle) is not like the others.

3 (EKA: Episode 3352)

The dogs show the number 3 in a variety of poses.

Dog Numbers: 1 to 8 (EKA: Episode 3438)

The dogs form the numbers 1-8.

Dog Numbers: 1 to 9 (EKA: Episode 3688)

Similar to the above, the dogs form the numbers 1-9.

Popcorn (EKA: Episode 3726)

The dogs cook popcorn in three different ways.

Eye Exam (EKA: Episode 3739)

Dr. Peeve, portrayed by one of the dogs, gives an eye examination to a canine patient.

Peanut Butter Sandwich (EKA: Episode 3740)

The dogs make a peanut butter sandwich.

Making a Sandwich (EKA: Episode 3749)

The dogs make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Baking a Cake (EKA: Episode 3756)

The dogs bake a pineapple cake.

Baseball (EKA: Episode 3851)

The dogs get their exercise by playing baseball.

Rowboat (EKA: Episode 3882)

Batty and Crooky row a rowboat.

Painting (EKA: Episode 3924)

Battina poses for a painting.

Clay (EKA: Episode 3962)

The dogs make things out of clay.


1 (First: Episode 4000) (original)
(First: Episode 4013) (new graphics)

Batty and Crooky stack wooden blocks to form the number 1.
In subsequent appearances, a green computer-animated 1 appeared over the stack. In the original, a white 1 appears on the upper right corner.

Stop and Go (First: Episode 4008)

The dogs show stop and go during a race.

King (First: Episode 4134)

One of the dogs portrays a king.

4 (First: Episode 4154)

The dogs sit in 4 theater chairs.

6 (First: Episode 3985)

The dogs rides canoes to illustrate the number 6.

In and Out (First: Episode 4020)

The dogs show in and out with a swimming pool.

Musical Instruments

The dogs play various instruments.

Mud Pies (First: Episode 4034)

The dogs make 4 mud pies.

4 Cups of Fruit Punch (First: Episode 4047)

A dog pours 4 glasses of fruit punch and tries to sell them to anyo.


Fay demonstrates the first three letters of the alphabet by balancing letter blocks.


  • Director: William Wegman
  • Assistant Director: Andrea Beeman
  • Cameraman: Alan Cohen
  • Lights: Edgar Gil
  • Arm Models: Jason Burch, Andrea Beeman



Wegman, William. Fay. New York: Hyperion Books, 1999.

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