FHA behind the scenes

Jim Henson, Jerry Nelson, Don Sahlin and FHA officials on the set of a PSA.

The United States Federal Housing Administration, often abbreviated FHA, was implemented under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934 in order to secure home loans. Beginning in 1965, the FHA has been regulated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, a department of the US Cabinet.

Muppets, Inc. produced nine television ads between 1963 and 1969: three 20-second ads, three 30-second ads, and three 90-second ads. Radio ads were also produced.[1]

The characters in the ads included Kermit, Conrad Love, House, Scoop and Skip, Big V, Old Man, Grump, and The Scary Thought, and Two-Headed Muppet Monster.[2]

Ad titles included "Falling House", "The Carpenters", "Crystal Ball", "Confused", and "Nightmare".[1]

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