Fee von Reichlin in Schloß Königswald

Fee von Reichlin (1912-2002) was a German actress who dubbed Storyteller Fraggle on Die Fraggles, the German co-production of Fraggle Rock. She had previously dubbed guest star Dale Evans on Die Muppet Show (The Muppet Show)

Von Reichlin had been active as a singer in caberets, operas and operettas and also sang for commercial recordings. Her film appearances were sporadic (starting with a short film in 1934), but she was more active on television, with guest roles on Der Alte, Derrick, Polizeiinspektion 1, and Tatort. She played the stately Mrs. Higgins in a 1980 TV version of Pygmalion.

Von Reichlin's occasional dubbing roles included Gladys Cooper in The Pirate, Margaret Lighton in Trial by Combat, and Schnuck the dragonfly and the mother butterfly on the Maya the Bee animated series. In 1988, she joined several veteran German actresses in the film Schloß Königswald, playing elderly aristocrats holed up in a German castle near the end of World War II. Collectively, they shared a Bavarian Film Award for Best Actress.

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