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Feelings edited.JPG
Written by Morris Albert
Louis Felix-Marie Gaste
Publisher Fermata International

"Feelings" is a well-known ballad performed in the 1970s by Morris Albert. The song was featured on the Sesame Street album Let Your Feelings Show! as being performed by Marry Banilow and the Muppetones. The song starts out normally, but degenerates into a Spike Jones-style parody, complete with assorted random noises, yelling, screaming and other sound effects.

The song was also sung by Beaker for the UK spot from episode 424 of The Muppet Show. His heartfelt rendition of the song is backed by Animal on drums (and backing vocals), Janice on guitar, Rowlf on piano and Zoot on saxophone. Halfway through the performance, the audience boos Beaker, so Animal quiets them down.

Beaker later attempted to sing the song during the framing scenes of Rock Music with the Muppets. Animal also performed this song during Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses.

On Sesame Street, Gladys the Cow moos a brief rendition to demonstrate her singing skills in Episode 2799. Wolfgang the Seal plays (and barks) "Feelings" on his horns in order to get a fish as a reward from Gina in Episode 2813. Sonny Friendly belted out a verse of the song near the end of a "Here is Your Life" sketch, honoring a storybook, and Prairie Dawn plays a bit of the song at the end of the "Girl Talk" sketch. (First: Episode 3897)