Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 2000
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16195

This soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Weton-Wesgram in 2000.

Feest (Party) is a special 25th anniversary collection of the best songs from previous albums.

Track listing

  1. Sesamstraat Thema (Sesamstraat Theme) - Sesamstraat Choir
  2. Bert en Ernie (Bert and Ernie) - Bert & Ernie
  3. Rijm (Rhyme) - Gerard (Frank is erroneously credited)
  4. Pluizig En Blauw (Fuzzy and Blue) - Grover and Cookie Monster (and Herry)
  5. Jouw Cijfer, Bert (Six) - Bert and Ernie
  6. Troeteldier (Transylvania Love Call) - Count von Count and the Countess
  7. Ik Ben Mijn Lieve Hondje Kwijt (Has Anybody Seen My Dog?) - Ernie (and Bert)
  8. Alfabetmars (Alphabet March) - Bert & Ernie (and Grover and Kermit)
  9. Ik Verloor M'n Koekie In De Disco (Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco) - Cookie Monster
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Wim Povel
  10. Het Rolfluitliedje (The Paper Serpent Song) - Pino (Tommie and Ieniemienie are erroneously credited)
  11. Alles Nat (Everything's Wet) - Ieniemienie, Tommie & Pino
  12. Ik Vergeet Het Nooit (I'll Never Forget The Day We First Met) - Forgetful Jones & Clementine
  13. Neuzenlied - A Monster (Bert and Ernie are erroneously credited)
  14. 'n Kuiken Is Geen Kip (A Chick Is Not A Chicken) - Frank
  15. Troeteleendje (Rubber Duckie) - Ernie
  16. Broekplassen (Wetting Your Pants) - Gerda
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by ?
  17. Lekker Tappen Met Elmo (Happy Tappin' with Elmo) - Elmo
  18. "W" (The National Association of W Lovers) - Bert & Ernie
  19. Het Tandenpoetslied (Say Toothpaste, Somebody!) - The Singing Dentist (Pim Roos & Choir)
  20. Als Ernie Niet Kan Slapen (Imagination) - Bert & Ernie



This album was also sold under a different name with a different cover, Sesamstraat is Jarig!.

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