0356 Ferris.jpg
PERFORMER Caroll Spinney
DEBUT 1972

Ferris is a little boy who appears on Sesame Street.

He stops by Hooper's Store in Episode 0356 to pick out a birthday present for his friend Rosie. With Ferris unsure of what to get, Tom helps him decide by comparing four toy cars of different colors and sizes. After pairings, Ferris finally informs Tom that Rosie's birthday is still several months away.

In Episode 0358, he's at Hooper's again, this time with Herry Monster, who's sampling one of Mr. Hooper's "super duper ice cream sodas." Herry is confused when Ferris asks why he's drinking it so slowly. To demonstrate the difference between fast and slow, Ferris slurps the beverage down in a few seconds. Understanding now, a furious Herry remarks that Ferris ought to move fast for making quick work of his treat and chases him out of the store.

He also appears in a season 3 insert as a potential customer in a sketch where three Anything Muppets attempt to sell lemonade ingredients individually. (First: Episode 0335)

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