Film & TV Music Conference 2011 panel

Chris Caswell (music arranger), Bill Barretta, Christophe Beck (score), Jeannie Lurie (co-writer "Pictures in My Head"), Paul Williams, James Bobin, Ed Mitchell (music producer), Kaylin Frank (Disney Music VP), and Randy Grimmett (moderator)

The Film & TV Music Conference is an annual event established in 2001 by Billboard magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. The event consists of a two-day seminar on the role of music in film and television with live discussion panels featuring music supervisors, composers, directors, music editors, songwriters and producers.

The 2011 conference was held in October at the Rennaissance Hotel in Hollywood. It featured a panel called "The Music of the Muppets" with special guests Bill Barretta, Christophe Beck, Jeannie Lurie, Paul Williams, and James Bobin, amongst other producers and arrangers for the music created for The Muppets.

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