Published 2004
Publisher Publications International
ISBN 1412705150

"First Sesame Street Library", sometimes titled "My First Sesame Street Library", is a collection of 12 miniature board books intended to teach basic toddler concepts. The books are packaged in a case with a handle. Cover art for each book was done by Bob Berry, and illustrations were by DiCicco Studios, except as noted.

Big Bird makes a photo album with all of his friends.
Count objects from 1 duck to 5 balls.
Everyone loves the music made by Elmo's music box.
Everyone has their own favorite color.
Ernie repeatedly sets his alarm to help him remember all the things he needs to do before going to bed.
Grover demonstrates opposites.
Everyone demonstrates different things that go, such as tricycles, submarines and trucks.
Learn to rhyme simple words like 'pop' and 'mop'.
There are many noises on Sesame Street.
Cookie Monster shares his cookies with his friends.
There are shapes all over Sesame Street.
When Zoe uses her money to buy Baby Natasha a rattle instead of a new bracelet, Humphrey buys the bracelet for her.


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