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Released September 11, 2004
Duration 89 minutes
Director John Stephenson
Written by David Solomons (screenplay) and E. Nesbit (novel "Five Children and It")
Music Jane Antonia Cornish
Studio Jim Henson Pictures, Sandfairy, PathΓ©, Capitol Films and Endgame Entertainment
Rated G

Five Children and It is a 2004 theatrical feature, adapted from a popular British children's novel. The story focuses on five children, sent to stay with their eccentric Uncle Albert by the seaside, while their father fights during World War II. They soon discover a cranky sand fairy, or Psammead, called It. Jim Henson's Creature Shop created It, as both an animatronic puppet and a CG digital character.



  • Producers: Nick Hirschhorn, Lisa Henson, and Samuel Hadida
  • Creative Supervisor: Jamie Courtier
  • Head of Design & Sculpt: Sharon Smith
  • Designer: Igor Chevalier
  • Shell Maquette Sculpt: Emma Jackson
  • Sculptor: Sean Hedges-Quinn
  • Art Finishers: Colin Shulver, Gorand Lundstrom, Mattias Tobiasson
  • Animatronic Body Supervisor: Richard Darwin
  • Animatronic Head Designer: Adrian Parish
  • Animatronic Designers: Richard Van Den Burgh, Chris Trice, Jamie Campbell, Daniel Burnett
  • Electronic Supervisor: Julian Manning
  • Mould Shop Supervisor: Kenny Wilson
  • 'Fabrication Supervisor: Niki Lyons
  • Fabricators: Helen Christie, Vanessa Bastyan, Charlotte Tindle
  • CG Supervisor: Sean Lewkiw
  • Animation Director: John Stephenson
  • Animatronic Performer/Performance Animation: Rob Tygner
Digital Animation and Effects'
  • Animators: Steve Brown, Will Correia, Mark Davies, Andy Fraser, Saul Freed, Joelle Newton-Mold, Karl Schudeck, Richard Smith
  • Digital Paint/Roto Artist: Vicky Stockwell

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