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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1969
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
First Episode 0008

"Five People in My Family" is a song from the first season of Sesame Street

In the original version of the sketch, the song was sung by an Anything Muppet family (consisting of a Fat Blue father, a Pumpkin mother, two Green and Purple brothers, and a Reddish Magenta sister), as the father introduces his family of 5 to Gordon.

The song has also been sung by Bob as "Five Fingers on My Left Hand" in Episode 0008 and Episode 0539, and was later remade as "Five Monsters in My Family".

The song was later used as part of a "Number Medley" performed by Pentatonix in Season 44.


  • A translated version of this song, with a different music score, was performed on the first soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. It was preceded by a short sketch in which the father and mother explain to their children what the word 'family' means. This piece of dialogue reveals some background information on their identity: the family is known as the Rijnwinkel Family. Other family members who are mentioned by name include Uncle Co and Aunt Rose - whose current residence is in Limburg, a Southern province in The Netherlands - and cousins Wouter, Hans, Marlies and Alinda.




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