Written by Ellen Weiss
Illustrator Bill Morrison
Published 1980
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN 0307231224

Fix It, Please is a Sesame Street storybook featuring Luis.

Luis is late for work at the Fix-It Shop because his clock is broken, and on his way there (where he greets Little Bird) he decides that today will be the day he fixes it. Unfortunately the others have more pressing needs. Big Bird needs his lamp fixed (it's not broken, he just forgot to plug it in), Cookie Monster broke his cookie jar, Ernie bent his skate, Grover's wagon squeaks from rust, Herry Monster broke the seat of his rocking chair, Martha wants to have her jack-in-the-box fixed, and Prairie Dawn's portable radio no longer holds batteries.

Maria comes by to let Luis know that Oscar needs his trash can lid fixed, and Mr. Hooper has Luis fix a stool in his store.

After keeping his promise to fix everyone's stuff, Maria tells Luis to go home because its late, but before he can leave everyone comes back to the shop to try out all the stuff he has fixed. And while they celebrate, Luis decides that tomorrow will be the day he can fix his clock.

Other editions

The book was reissued by Reader's Digest in 1992 with the same text, but with new illustrations by Tom Cooke.

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