Miss Piggy's version of the film's iconic scene.

A sweatshirt quoting the film's hit song, and spoofing its poster.

"Elmo's Toothy Dance."

Flashdance was 1983's third highest-grossing film. A romantic drama, its soundtrack featured many hit songs, including "Maniac" and "Flashdance... What a Feeling." Not being a musical in the traditional sense, the film gained additional promotion on the fledgling network MTV, where portions of the film were shown as musical videos, including Jennifer Beals' now-infamous chair dance.


  • Miss Piggy aerobique sweatshirts featured a nod to the film in a sweatshirt which featured the quote "What a Feeling!" (a reference to the hit song "Flashdance... What a Feeling" performed by Irene Cara). Piggy is also seen in Jennifer Beals' signature look for the film.
  • In "Elmo's Toothy Dance," a music video produced for Sesame Street in Communities, a Muppet toothbrush reclines in a dentist's chair and is doused with water, referencing the chair-dancing sequence.

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