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PERFORMER Steve Whitmire
DEBUT 1992

Flunky is a little monster who appeared in the Muppet Meeting Film "Think Bigger."

As his name suggests, Flunky represents the low-level employee, and is treated as such by his larger monster co-workers. During a business meeting, Flunky persistently tries to present his idea, which is always met with a collegial "shaddup!" When Flunky finally gets his moment to shine, he proposes equality for all employees, "no matter how small or inconsequential he or she may be." His boss, Chairman Blodgett, however has other ideas and eats him. Flunky then ignites a bomb from inside his boss's stomach, causing him to explode. Flunky becomes chairman and grants his new underlings a coffee break.

The puppet used for Flunky was recycled from Boo Monster from Little Muppet Monsters.