DEBUT 1993

Fob Canine is an older comic book creator employed by Dog City Comics, as seen in "Who Watches the Watch Dog?" Canine created the superhero character the Watch Dog and penned such issues as Watch Dog vs. Catman. When the comic publisher decides to retire the hero, Canine assumes the disguise of his own character, planning staged thefts by the Labrador Gang which would be foiled in masterful fashion by the Watch Dog.

Ace Hart discovers Canine's secret, but the aging cartoonist claims he did it to save his character (and, incidentally, to gain money from increased sales and merchandising). Ace threatens to go to the police, but agrees to help Canine with one final stunt, complicated by Bugsy Vile, but with the Watch Dog still saving the day. In gratitude, Canine says he's planning to create a new character, a private eye dog. As Fob and the Labradors (actually comic book artists) depart, he can't resist one final speech before heading to Cleveland.


Canine's name is a play on that of Batman creator Bob Kane (with the first name referring to the fob attached to pocket watches). He also shouts "Excelsior!" at one point, the trademark phrase of Stan Lee.

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