Air date January 16, 1973
Season 1
  • Lefty wants to sell Ernie an empty box, explaining that he can fill the box with things, such as a pet mouse (if Ernie had one) and jellybeans (if they rained from the sky). Ernie wants an empty box, but doesn't have any money. However, Bert brings a box of cookies. Ernie dumps the cookies so he can catch jellybeans from the sky.
  • Film: The making of french fries
  • Ernie tries to teach Cookie Monster to use his knife, fork, and spoon.
  • Ernie comes up with a way for him to remember to put his basketball away before he goes to sleep: he remembers things with his brain, which is in his head; his head is round, and so is the basketball. His plan works the first time, but not when Bert wants to go to sleep.
  • Cookie Monster helps Ernie match mittens, shoes and gloves and put them away.

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