Air date April 26, 1973
  • Ernie is having trouble remembering how to draw the letter X on his blackboard. While crossing things out and playing tic-tac-toe, he unknowingly draws 5 Xs, which Bert then points out to him.
  • Ernie has made an X of his own, and is proudly displaying it. Bert rushes in to say that he was making some bacon, but a monster ate it. Then, Cookie Monster sneaks in, and eats Ernie's X. Ernie catches him, and asks, "Why do you do that, Monster?" Cookie Monster answers, "I always like to eat bacon and X!"
  • While Ernie erases his blackboard, we see a cartoon of a boy erasing things and people as he counts to 10.
  • Cookie Monster shows up again. Ernie threatens to erase him if he doesn't leave, and shows him the cartoon of the boy.
  • Cookie Monster laughs, and refuses to leave, so Ernie erases him.

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