Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date October 30, 2010

Picture Segment Description

Scene Wolle and Pferd are about to begin their breakfast when Finchen comes by with a picture that she has been working on. She feels that it's missing something, but are not sure what that something is, she hopes that Wolle and Pferd are able to help. But then her cell phone rings about a special delivery she has to make. She leaves the picture with Wolle and Pferd for safe keeping.
Pferd returns to his strawberry jam sandwich as he thinks better on a full stomach, in the meantime Wolle looks at the picture. After Pferd has finished eating he goes over to the picture and points to where he think there should be a spaceship, dropping some leftover strawberry jam on the picture. They begin to panic and decides to ask the children.
Film Kids talks about how they feel when they breake something by accident and what to do in that case.
Scene Pferd don't feel like telling Finchen that he ruined her picture, he are sure that she would be angry at them. Wolle and Pferd decides to try and clean the picture with water and a brush and goes into the bathroom. Günni asks them if they are trying out a new painting technique, and Pferd tells Günni all about what they are trying to do. Günni tells them that using the right cleaning agent are the key in getting unwanted things away.
Scene They have put the picture on the table and now added soap, Wolle thinks its working when Pferd notice that they have not only removed the jam but also the paint. They hear Finchen's truck outside and hides the picture. Finchen are sure she forgot her cell phone in the giant carrot. She wonders why Wolle and Pferd takes so long to answer the door. She asks Wolle if he has seen her cellphone, but he tells her that he don't have the time they are in the middle of spring cleaning. Finchen can't understand it since it's the middle of summer. She manage to get her cellphone from Wolle, but are sure that something are going on. Wolle gets a new idea they will take the picture to an local artist that could repaint the paint that they removed.
Scene It turns out that Wolke are the local artist today and she would be happy to help out with the painting. But she don't think that Finchen would be angry at them, but goes ahead with the repairs anyway. Wolke mange to repair the picture.

Scene Wolle and Pferd returns with the picture and Pferd places it next to the pot on the stove with the spaghetti and tomato sauce while he takes a look at it cooking. Afterwards he moves the picture away, but this time he leaves another stain on the picture. He quickly calls Wolle so he can see it, and just then Finchen walks through the door. Pferd confesses what he did, but Finchen are not angry at all, instead she begins to draw. It turns out that she drew a butterfly, based on the stain, and that was what the picture was missing. Wolle and Pferd are surprised that she weren't mad at all, and that they went through all the trouble in the first place with the first stain. Finchen tells them that they should just have tiold her about it in the first place. Pferd and wolle invites Finchen to eat with them.

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