Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date October 31, 2010

Picture Segment Description

Scene Wolle and Pferd are doing the disches, but Pferd thinks that Wolle are singing to much, but Wolle tells him that with music everything seems a little bit better. Finchen arrives and asks them when they are gonna celebrate, Wolle and Pferd are not sure what she means. Finchen seems disapointed, but says that it's not important and leaves.

Wolle and Pferd goes to look at the calender and notice that today is Finchen's birthday, they hurry out to stop her. They tell her about the big surprise that they have planned for her later that day, but they are not to sure what it is yet. She tells them that she will come back later with a cake. After Finchen have left Pferd suggest Wolle that they play music for Finchen, Wolle likes the idea but how. Pferd decide to ask the children.

Film Kids talks about how they play music.

Scene They decide to play a birthday song for Finchen. Wolle finds his banjo and asks Pferd what he are gonna play on. Pferd says that he can play the drums a little and plays on the pots and pans. Wolle begins to play and sing "Happy Birthday to You", Pferd waits a little before he joins in playing and singing "Hoch soll sie leben".

Günni calls out to them in order to make them stop, and asks what they are doung. They reply that they are sining, but Günni don't agree with them that it's a song. He suggest that they sing the same song, they agree to try again. This time they both sing and play "Happy Birthday to you", but at different tempo. Once again Günni stops them, and tells them that they should play together. Günni tells them about the time he was with the NDR Bigband, they could play together. He tells them to go ad talk with Wolf Kerschek he can teach them to play together.

Scene Wolle and Pferd meets Wolf Kerschek and tells him about their problem with the song for Finchen's birthday. He agrres to help them and shows them in to meet the NDR Bigband.
Scene Wolle and Pferd are impressed by all the fine instruments. Wolf tells Pferd to join the drummers and Wolle to sit next to the guitarist. Wolle and Pferd are not impressed with the quality of the music that they hear, it sounds like what they played at home. Wolf tells them that the musicians are warming up and calls them to attention with his baton. Wolf tells them that the baton are used to control how the musicians play, the orchestra plays bits of "Happy Birthday to you" in various ways. Wolle and Pferd are impressed. Wolf then leads the orchestra in "Happy Birthday to you" and shows Wolle and Pferd when they can join in.
Scene Finchen arrives at the carrot with her cake and are called out in the back yard by Wolle. She are impressed with the decor and Wolle and Pferd sings and play the song for her. She are impressed and happy about the surprise. Then they hear a saxophone coming from the inside, it turns out to be Günni how play the saxophone and Finchen also thanks him for the little song she did not expect him to remember her birthday. He tells her who would ever forget her birthday and they all laugh.

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