Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date November 1, 2010

Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd have invented a new game "Spin the carrot", you spin the carrot and the one it points at after it's finished spinning have one a piece of carrot cake. But it's not fun to play it alone, so he asks Wolle if he want to try out the new game. But Wolle don't have time as he are about to go out the door to play soccer. Instead Pferd decides to ask Günni, but Günni are busy listening to his music. Pferd begins to wonder what Wolle are doing playing soccer all by himself, and decides to go over and look.
Scene Pferd hides in asome bushes and notice that Wolle are playing soccer with someone else, he decides to go over and confront Wolle.

Wolle are surprised to see Pferd there, Pferd tells him that he just happened to come by and now that he are there they can go home together and play "spin the carrot". But Wolle tells him that he don't have time, Toni are teaching him some soccer tricks. Pferd leaves disappointed that Wolle don't have time to play with him, but then he gets and idea.

Scene Pferd returns in a soccer jersey and tells Wolle that he can teach Wolle some soccer tricks, after all he are a very good soccer player. But when Toni throws the ball to pferd he loses his balance. Wolle thinks that he better learn the tricks from Toni. Pferd are are sad that Wolle now got a new best friend. He then notice Wolke playing basketball and decides that he can get a new best friend as well.
Scene Pferd asks Wolke if she want to teach him whatever it is that she are playing. She agrees and hand him the ball and tells him to throw it into the basket. But instead of throwing the ball Pferd yells over to Wolle that he are now playing basketball with his friend. Wolke realizes why Pferd wants to play with her and asks Pferd if he are trying to make Wolle jealous. Pferd admits it, Wolke tells him that best friends can play with other friends as well from time to time. Wolke asks if Pferd knows of anything he can do without his best friend. Pferd quickly leaves to go home and do things without Wolle.
Scene As Wolle and Toni continues to play, Toni kicks the ball over to Wolke and they great each other and Toni tries play a little basketball. Wolle notice it and hurries over to get Toni after all they are playing soccer together.
Toni tells Wolle that he would love to play basketball more than soccer. Wolle are disappointed that his soccer practice are over, and decides to go and ask Pferd if he wants to play. But Pferd are nowhere to be seen, Wolle are certain that Pferd are sitting home alone being sad.

Scene Wolle hurries inside and find Pferd passed out on the couch, he are certain that something bad have happened but then Pferd wakes up. Pferd tells Wolle that he have been enjoying himself by reading books, eating carrots and drinking milk. Wolle tells Pferd about how Toni suddenly did not have time to play with him anymore. Wolle suggest that the two of them play "spin the carrot" and Pferd happily accepts, but he ate the carrot cake. Wolle tells him that's not a problem the winner are just gonna bake one. They spin the carrot but it ends-up not pointing to any of them. They decide it's a draw, so they will have to bake the cake together.

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