Plot Lilo gets the hiccups (repeat of 0532)
Air date March 19, 1988


Picture Segment Description
Scene Lilo explains to the audience that she has the hiccups when trying to welcome them. She gets Tiffy to help her get rid of them. Tiffy suggests that Lilo drinks a glass of water. She tries it out, but it doesn't work, so the two realise they're gonna need some more help with this.
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Aladdin is distressed that his lamp won't work until Kermit informs hims that he needs to add a light bulb, plug in the cord and turn the switch. All the while, the Genie wisecracks about his job and trying to get some sleep inside a lamp.
Film A film of how animal paper plates are made.
Scene Henning comes by wondering what's going on. They explain that Lilo has the hiccups and that she tried drinking water to get rid of them. Henning has another idea, which he will show soon.
Cartoon A pair of boots dance.
Film A film of how yo yo's are made.
Muppets Kermit the Frog performs "Disco Frog."
Scene Henning shows Tiffy a Jack-in-the-box, which he will use to scare Lilo to cure her hiccups. When Lilo tries to open it, it won't work, so Henning has to do it, causing the Jack-in-the-box to accidentally hit him in the face.
Muppets Ernie invites Cookie Monster to breakfast, but both are surprised to hear what each likes to have for breakfast, and sing "Breakfast Time."
Scene As they start running out of ideas, Samson comes by wondering what's going on, but they find out he has the hiccups as well. While Henning decides to scare him with the Jack-in-the-box, Samson decides to hold his breath to cure them, which works. He suggests it to Lilo, and it works too.However, Samson gets the hiccups once again at the end. Henning decides to scare him with the Jack-in-the-box to get rid of them.

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