Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date November 2, 2010

Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd and Wolle are preparing for a camping trip, but they just need a few more things. Pferd is about to pack the batteries for the flashlight and Wolle is getting the toothbrushes. Pferd is interrupted by Finchen, who comes by to borrow a microphone. She wants to record owl sounds, since she is collecting bird sounds. Wolle lends her his microphone, and Wolle and Pferd pack the last few things and tell Günni to take good care of the carrot house until they return and go out the door. However, as they leave they don't notice that they have forgotten the batteries for the flashlight.
Scene Pferd and Wolle arrive at the forest and begin to setup the campsite. Meanwhile, Finchen is close by with her recorder, and is excited to get the chance to add owl sounds to her collection. All she needs to do is wait for it to get dark.

Scene Wolle and Pferd have just read an exciting story about a monster. When they hear a scary sound from the forest, Wolle is sure it was just an owl, and he concludes it's a shame that Finchen did not come with them to get a good recording of the sound.
Meanwhile, we see that Finchen did not record the owl sound, as she was too far away, so she decides to go closer to the source of the sound. She tries to move silently, but it's hard with all the branches on the ground.
Wolle and Pferd hear some branches being stepped on. They are scared; it could be a monster trying to sneak up on them. Pferd wants to ask the kids what they would do if they hear noises in the dark, so Wolle finds the "Wolle-phone" and asks the kids.
Film Kids talk about what to do if you are scared in the dark.
Scene Pferd is unsure what to do if the noises are being made by a monster, but Wolle is certain that there is no monster; there must be a logical explanation to it. Pferd wants to know what the explanation is, but Wolle doesn't know, as they will have to discover it first. Wolle suggests that they go into the forest and have a look, but Pferd doesn't like the idea since it's so dark in the forest and he wants to stay at the campsite. Wolle picks up his flashlight and goes into the forest. Then Pferd realizes that he will be all alone at the campsite, and hurries after Wolle.

Scene Finchen is still looking for a good place to record the owl sounds and doesn't notice that she has dropped her sketchbook.
Wolle and Pferd locate some broken branches, and then they locate a sketchbook with a drawing on it. Pferd is convinced that it's a drawing of a monster. But Wolle tells him that they should go back to the campsite and take a closer look.
Finchen stops, as she thinks she just heard some voices, so she decides to take a closer look.
Back at the campsite, Wolle and Pferd notice a light inside the forest, but as Wolle picks up his flashlight he notices that the batteries are dead. Pferd then realizes that he has forgotten the extra batteries.

Scene Finchen thinks the voice seems very familiar, and goes closer to the source. Meanwhile, Wolle and Pferd notice that the light is getting closer, and they decide to hide in the tent so that the monster can't find them. Finchen realizes that the voices are coming from Wolle and Pferd, and she calls them out. But that just causes Wolle and Pferd to panic, since the monster knows their names. They end up knocking down the tent. But when they crawl out from under the tent they see that the monster is just Finchen. They decide to pack and go home, while Finchen records the owl sounds.
Scene Wolle and Pferd return to the carrot house, but as they go into the bathroom to say hi to Günni they are caught by a net. Günni is proud to have captured a couple of monsters, but when the lights are turned on he can see that it's just Wolle and Pferd. Pferd tells Günni that monsters are not real.

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