Plot Secret cave
Air date February 6, 1989
  • Cartoon: Passengers on a crowded subway illustrate "between."
  • Ernie imagines what life would be like if he and Bert had their characteristics switched around.
  • News Flash: Warren Wolf, who is substituting for Kermit, is the first newsperson to witness Dr. Nobel Price's latest invention, a stick that makes your voice sound louder. It bears a striking resemblance to Warren's microphone...
  • Cartoon: A man illustrates 'between' in various situations throughout his work day.
  • Bob asks a blank-faced Large Lavender Live Hand Anything Muppet how he feels. The Muppet answers, "I don't feel anything." Bob sticks a nose and angry eyes on the Muppet, who then starts to feel mad. He walks off in a huff, and we hear a crash off-screen. The Muppet comes back and ad-libs, "It's okay, Bob, I just dropped my watch!"

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Folge 1175 Folge 1234