Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date November 3, 2010

Picture Segment Description

Scene Wolle and Pferd are having a serious problem, they can't get the lid of the jar with chocolate cream. Wolle decides to see if he can pry the lid of with a wooden spoon, however it results in flying out the window where it hits some one. Wolle and Pferd hurries outside to see what happened, it turns out that the jar have hit the wolf, who demands a explanation to why they are throwing jars around. Pferd tells him that they are trying to get the lid of and it flew out the window by accident. The wolf finds it funny that they can't open the lid on a jar, and that it won't be a problem for a wolf that have good muscles. Wolle claims that muscels are not important, and want to prove it by asking the kids.
Film Kids talks about being strong

Scene The kids confirmed the wolfs claim, but Wolle are still convinced that being cleaver are equal important as strength. The wolf suggest a bet, they will meet at noon and the one that can get the lid of the jar wins the entire chocolate cream jar. Wolle agrees to the bet, but Pferd thinks it's unfair as he would like some of the chocolate cream as well. The Wolf tells him that if he can come up with a way to open it he can be in on the bet as well and Pferd agrees. The Wolf decides to go to the gym to train his muscles, Wolle will go to his workshop to invent a jar opening machine. After the two leaves Pferd gets an idea how he can open the jar and get the content for himself, he decides to ask the jar nicely. But that don't work.
Scene The Wolf are busy building up his muscels by lifting weights in the gym. He are confident that he are gonna win.
Scene Wolle have been busy building a choclate opening machine, and he starts a test of the machine. But the glass gets stuck inside the machine, Wolle mange to free it and are flung into the carrot where it hits Pferd in the head.
Scene Pferd still have not found a way to open the jar, when Günni suggest him to do what a magician would, use magic. Günni assusres Pferd that it are gonna work and Pferd gives it a try
He has dressed himself up as a magician and tries out a spell. But it don't work he concludes it was the wrong words and tries again, with no luck and now it's noon.


Scene Outside of the carrot the wolf arrives and gives Wolle one last chance to give up, but Wolle are sure that his latest invention are gonna win him the bet. Pferd places the jar on the machine and Wolle starts it up. But shortly after the machine explodes. The wolf takes the jar and tells them to stay back as he will open it using his mucles. But the wolf can't open the jar with his hands. Pferd gets an idea, he suggests that they work together to get it open. But the Wolf and Wolle strat to argue instead about who are better. Pferd manages to convince them to work together and they go inside. Pferd cheers on Wolle and Wolf as they attempt to open the jar togther, the wolf holds the jar while Wolle tries to prey the lid of with a wooden spoon. And then all of a sudden the lid flies off and they all cheer. But then the Wolf asks who had won and who gets the chocolate cream, it seems to them that noone are gonna get the chocolate cream. But then Pferd finds three spoons and says that they are gonna share it.

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