Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date November 4, 2010

Picture Segment Description

Scene Finchen asks Wolle and Pferd if they don't get tired of eating just carrots. Wolle protests they don't always eat carrots they also eat...and then he stops talking and starts to think. Pferd quickly interupts adding that they also eat cakes with carrots and delicious salat with carrots. Wolle invites Finchen to dinner and they will serve something special. Finchen accepets the invitation on one condition, there will be no carrots. Pferd are in chock how are they gonna make something without carrots. They agree to meet again in the evening. After Finchen leaves Wolle and Pferd tries to figure out how to cook without using carrots. They decide to ask the children for advice.
Film Kids talks about cooking.
Scene Wolle and Pferd are impressed with all the various things the kids knows how to make. But what are they gonna do, all they have in the fridge are carrots. Just as everything looks bad, Günni suggest that they visit his friend Steffen Henssler, who is a famous TV-chef he will surly be able to help them.
Scene Wolle and Pferd tells Steffen about the problem, and asks him to show them a easy dish without carrots. Steffen quickly starts to tell them about various ingredients, however some of the ingredients just seems to vanish when Pferd are close to them. Wolle thinks that all the dishes that Steffen suggests sounds great and can't decide which one it should be, but then he notice the time and quickly settle on cheese noodles.
Scene While Steffen shows Wolle how to make cheese noodles, Pferd notice a bowl of grated carrots and decides to mix it into the bowl of melted cheese. But Wolle changes his mind as he don't think that Finchen likes cheese, it would properly be better with pancakes. Steffen shows them how to make pancakes. While Steffen shows Wolle how a mixer works Pferd puts some grated carrots into the bowl. But once again Wolle changes his mind, he thinks fish sticks would be better.

Scene Steffen starts to show Wolle how to make fish sticks with potato puree. Pferd quickly sees another chance to blend some grated carrots into the dish and puts some into the flour. But then Wolle are unsure if Finchen likes fish. Wolle thinks it's better to make the cheese noodles and then both Wolle and Steffen notice that Pferd have been most of the ingredients and have mixed grated carrots into whats left.
Steffen looks around and notice that all theres left besides carrots are apples and potatoes so he suggest that they make rösti with apple puree. And they quickly goes to work.
Scene Finchen are impressed and asks them about how they made it, Wolle quickly tells her how. Finchen then says that she thinks theres a little hint of carrot in the taste, Wolle refuses that they used any carrots. Pferd confesses that theres a chance that some carrots might have fallen into the mix while they where making the dish.

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