Plot Samson's accusation
  • Samson makes himself a glass of lemonade. He briefly leaves and when he comes back, he finds it empty. Uli von Bödefeld is nearby, grilling, so Samson accuses him of drinking it. He swipes one of Uli's sausages in return, then realizes he may be wrong.
  • Bert gets all dressed up for the Pigeon Lover's Party, but he looks so different that Ernie doesn't believe that it's him.
  • Animation: Yellow drops don't want to play with a red ball at first, but they make a good flower together.
  • Kermit watches Grover as he touches his nose with his toes five times. Kermit then tries to do the same, but ends up hurting himself.

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Folge 1558 Folge 1564