Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date November 6, 2010

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Scene Pferd and Wolle are having a good time while they eat a carrot cake outside, when Finchen comes by. It turns out that she are in a bad mood, but she don't know why that is. Pferd offers her some of the carrot cake but, she refuses and Pferd realizes that it must be bad when carrot cake can't cheer someone up. Wolle suggest that they ask the children what they do when they are in a bad mood.
Film Kids talks about being in a bad mood.
Scene Wolle are sure that they can find someway to cheer Finchen up. Pferd tries by telling a joke. "A horse goes to the grocer and asks for 99 carrots. The grocer asks the horse why he would not have 100 carrots, to which the horse answers Who shall eat that many". Both Pferd and Wolle laugh out loud, but Finchen can't see how it's funny.
Wolle then suggest that they go to the fair ground to try out some of the many rides there. But Finchen are not sure it will work.
Scene At the fair ground Pferd and Wolle are very excited and they start to discuss what to try first. First they try to have Finchen try the merry-go-round, but she don't want to as it's for little children. They then try to get her to taste some candyfloss, but again with no luck, she just want to go home.
Scene They manage to talk her into going up the ferris wheel, but that did not cheer her up either it just made her sick. She starts to go home, while Wolle and Pferd tries to convince her to stay. Wolle suggest her that they try out the "Tests of Strength", she looks at it and agrees to go over and take a closer look.
Scene Wolle explains to her how it works. Pferd gives it a try but don't mange to hit the bell. Wolle then gives it a try but was also unable to do it. Wolle and Pferd tries to convince Finchen to give it a try. She refuses and gets so angry that she smahes her hand down on the "Tests of Strength" and hits the bell. Everyone are surprised, including herself. Finchen don't know what she did but she liked it and want to do it again.
Scene Back at the carrot Finchen thanks her friends for helping her overcome her bad mood. Wolle have finished making his apple pancakes when one of them hits Pferd on the head. Pferd says that it got him in a bad mood, because the pancake did not land in his mouth. They all laugh as he eats the pancake.


Picture Segment Description
Scene Due to the fact that the outside scenes of this episode were the last ones to be shot for the season, cast and crew members decided to appear in cameos. Right-hand puppeteer Charlie Kaiser, Wolle puppeteer Martin Paas and Pferd puppeteer Carsten Morar-Haffke (with the production's prop master Katja Lampe) can be spotted behind Finchen.

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