Plot Playing in the mud


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Scene Rumpel notices someone going over to his barrel. It turns out to be a pig by the name Quieker who asks Rumpel if he wants to play. Rumpel tells Quieker that he is a Grouch and that Grouches don't play with pink pigs. Pferd and Wolle hurries over to Quieker and say that they would like to play with him.
Scene Quieker and Pferd are doing a rope pulling contest, until Quieker lest go and Pferd crashes into some boxes at the store. Quieker then asks Wolle if they have a bathtub with water he will show them a great game.
Scene Quieker are rolling around in a mud filled bathtub, however Wolle and Pferd are not so happy about joining him. Quieker thinks it's a shame that they won't join him, but decides to continue the fun alone. Wolle wonders if there are anyone who will play with Quieker in the mud.
Scene Rumpel thinks he can smell mud around somewhere and then notices the mud filled bathtub. He is very impressed about the quality and freshness of the mud.
Scene Rumpel asks Wolle and Pferd who are responsible for the mud, but before they can answer Quieker emerges from the mud.
Scene Rumpel realizes that it's the pink pig who are behind the quality mud. Wolle thinks it sad that Rumpel won't play with pink pigs, Pferd agrees that Rumpel would be a ideal playmate for Quieker, just then Rumpel screams and lands in the mud. Rumpel compliments Quieker for the quality mud and they start to sing a song about mud and Schlamponien where you can play in mud all day. After the song Rumpel invites Quieker to see some moldy flour that his aunt Grishilde have sent.

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Folge 2098 Folge 2173